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HDTV YPbPr Component Video Cable Click to Zoom

HDTV YPbPr Component Video Cable

Provides high-definition video signal transfer between DVD players and high end TVs or monitors for optimum picture resolution and color.

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  • How to connect component video: Use this cable to connect female component video connections.
  • HDTV YPbPr Component Video Cable
  • Connectors: RCA Male Plug x3 to RCA Male Plug x3.
  • RG59 coax cable.
  • Precision 75-Ohm impedance for maximum signal transfer.
  • Extended 1GHz bandwidth EMI-RFI protected double high-density shield.
  • 100% 0.12mm aluminum-polyester foil shield.
  • Ultra flexible satin-ivory rubberized PVC jacket.
  • Low-attenuation foamed cellular dielectric.
  • 24K gold plated heavy-duty RCA connectors.
  • Color Coded: (GREEN, BLUE, RED)
  • Fully molded construction.
  • Available lengths: 3/6/12 feet.

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